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I am the ultimate boss of online games - Item #472031
Category > Real Estate > New Jersey > Monmouth County > Belmar
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Price: $23.00   Quantity: 1
Condition: N/A   Location: dfs
Started: Sep 18, 2022 09:16PM EST   Time Left: Expired
Ends: Oct 03, 2022 09:16PM EST   Accessed: 31 times
Seller: sibelius (Rating: NA)
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In the representative match, one person wins the strongest player in the major war zones! In the team competition, it is the strength of one person to compete with the top players in full service and win! At this moment, the name of Yushu Lingfeng, the captain of China, is destined to stir up the whole world! No one knows the prestige of Yushu Lingfeng, the captain of Huaxia, only on the occasions involved in Deification! The unshakable number one in the full service battle power list! And at this moment, the top leaders of all countries, including Su Zhengguo, flew into a rage! "Su Zhengguo!"! If you want to break your face, don't blame us! Do you want to monopolize these resources? I don't see if you can eat it! This is an enemy of the whole world! "If this batch of third resources can not supply us enough!"! Our country can't survive! Do you think we're still afraid to go to war? "Bang!" With a crisp cracking sound, he threw a precious and exquisite teacup on the ground, and Su Zhengguo's face was full of haze! He has warned Yushu Lingfeng! But I didn't expect Yushu Lingfeng to be so uninteresting! What does he think he is? What's his identity? What's his identity? How dare you go against yourself! …… Cross-service battlefield transport point, Lingmu is still in the state of the undead, empty eyes in the fire rising, without a word into the transport array to leave, did not look at the people around! Everyone's look is very complicated, looking at Lingmu's back for a time all kinds of thoughts welled up in their hearts, in addition to killing the emperor to keep up with Lingmu to leave, the rest of the people are keeping a posture motionless! Back in Azeroth, he was told by Wu Qiuye that Wang Ke and Su Rui were looking for him before Lingmu,interactive panel board, but just two minutes ago they hurried off the line again, as if something had happened. Ling Mu nodded, did not say much, Ling Mu of course knew that what he did in the team competition would cause unpredictable consequences, but as Ling Mu said, he did not understand, so he did not regret it! Su Rui and Wang Ke both offline is obviously affected by the team competition, Ling Mu is not sure whether they can suppress the anger of the top level of the Chinese nation,86 smart board, if they fail, Ling Mu will have to face the anger of the state machinery! Wait until noon, Wang Ke and Su Rui have no news, the phone is not one, two people did not go online, Lingmu do not know what measures will be taken above to deal with their own dare to disturb the situation at the national level of the little people, but there is no mood to continue to wait. First, Gepas and Rockmond were brought to the Lost City, and in the ecstasy of the two Liches, Lingmu also gave them the research site of the Lost City! Then feel the belly of the hungry Lingmu and then off the line, after a simple lunch, in the dance Qingcheng they obviously a lot of heavy look, and as usual to continue on the line. Wang Ke Su Rui still had no news, but received a call from Bing, saying that the team match in the Huaxia War Zone was coming to an end this afternoon, 75 smart board ,classroom interactive whiteboard, and he wanted to go to Lingmu to have a look. Lingmu had nothing to do, so he rushed over. Because of the full service league, plus the number of players in the Chinese war zone is too large, so that the war zone team game is not over until now, even the audience is few, when Lingmu arrived, the whole audience was empty, but also happy to be quiet. Up to now, there are only three teams left in the war zone team match, namely Azeroth, Sky One, and Nine One. The last two team matches will also decide the three forces to divide the third batch of resources! There is no need to say more about the sky group. No one wants to touch the resources of the country, and no one dares to touch them. Otherwise, even if the country is erased, you will recover the resources. So Azeroth and Jiuzhong Group both admit defeat. The sky group successfully won the championship of the team competition in the eyes of many players. The rest of the game is Azeroth and Jiuzhong, which will also determine the proportion of resources allocated between the economic alliance and the nine families. As long as the nine families can get 20% of the allocation, they can continue to develop smoothly. Even if the economic alliance only gets the last 10%, it can maximize the influence of the economic alliance! Originally, Lingmu had promised Murong Xue in advance that he would give up to them, but the situation on the court after the start of the game was a bit unexpected. The players of Jiuzhong Group did not participate in the full-service league. Dugu Wentian, Dongfeng Pengpeng, Nangong Shaoyu, Murong Piaoxue, and Beiming Zhiyun were five people. The team of Azeroth was Ice, Decepticon, Slippers, and Touch Hands. Originally, they all received the news from Lingmu that they were ready to admit defeat, so the team did not get together. However, at the beginning of the game, when several people were ready to admit defeat, Bing'er suddenly made an unexpected move to everyone. The mythical beast Canglan Baiyun Tiger King jumped out of the pet space and pounced on the nine-fold five people. At the same time, a series of dazzling attack skills in Bing'er's hands were thrown at the nine-fold five people, covering them in an instant! Nine heavy 5 people just did not react to come over, Yushu Lingfeng is not already promised them to give up the game? Why did you attack several of your own people? Not only nine of them, even the Decepticon slippers, and even Lingmu did not expect that the ice would attack their nine people! Zhuge Shenji has sent out a few calls to Lingmu, asking what is the situation on the field, but Lingmu himself has not yet understood, how to answer him, Lingmu sent out a few messages and call applications to Binger were also ignored by Binger, at the moment Binger's little face rare serious and stubborn, regardless of the non-stop attack on their nine five people! Chapter five hundred and seven break Under the command of Bing'er, Canglan Baiyun Tiger King launched a fierce attack on the five people of Jiuzhong, but they were all blocked by Dugu Wentian one after another. For the physical attack of the monomer, Dugu Wentian's blocking rate has reached an astonishing 100%! Canglan Baiyun Tiger King's attack was blocked and did not let the ice son's expression have the slightest change, hard to imagine, always clever and quiet ice son, at this time is actually a face of indifference,interactive touch screens education, like Lingmu in that dilapidated street first saw ice son, is a kind of lifeless, without the slightest vitality of indifference!. hsdsmartboard.com

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