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I was born to be talented [entertainment circle] - Item #471648
Category > Art > Drawings
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Started: Sep 08, 2022 11:18PM EST   Time Left: Expired
Ends: Sep 23, 2022 11:18PM EST   Accessed: 42 times
Seller: NingChang (Rating: NA)
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There was no reason for this, but the weather did not cooperate-the script stated that this was a solo dance in a slight drizzle, but it was sunny this month. Director Wu Qiuman also refused to use high-tech means to rain, joking, where did they get the money to put it? Is it not good to have extra money to make props? The forces of poverty are determined not to compromise with the flow of excess money! Because of the director's insistence and the reality of poverty, the scriptwriter had to agree with the decision that "if the weather is not suitable when the shooting is finished, the premise of slight drizzle will be deleted and Liu Ru's solo dance will be filmed directly". Fortunately, however, the weather cooperated, and Shu Qiuhua stayed in the crew until the second month, when a slight drizzle finally came. As soon as Wu Qiuman pounded the table, he put the scene on the schedule and let Shu Qiuhua on it. Liu Ruge is a young girl who is obsessed with the art of dance, and this solo dance is prepared to show her character and explain why the emperor is fascinated by her. To reflect this, the dance must be beautiful, otherwise there is no way to explain why the emperor killed such a great beauty just to see her painful expression. Of course, there must be difficulty, otherwise I am sorry for Liu Ruge, who has been practicing dancing since childhood. Shu Qiuhua thought it was all right. After all, professional and non-professional are different. Maybe it's difficult for others, but this dance is just the degree of practice for her. Moreover, this dance is her own part of the play-do not ask why,Kamado bbq grill, a poor word to sum up all-proficiency has long been brushed up, suddenly asked to dance will not appear no situation. As far as Shu Qiuhua is concerned, among all the scenes of Liu Ruge, the difficulty of this scene may also be the lowest. She is used to dancing with all her heart, and her mood mapping is also very smooth. But a dance is beautiful, and shivering after dancing is also true. Frozen. A thin summer skirt with a slight drizzle is really hazy and beautiful, and it would be better if the temperature could be more gentle. The heartless director felt that this was just right, the weather was very cold,Ceramic Band Heater, so when Liu Ru sang and danced, the feeling of devotion, struggle and pain all came out! Xie Nianyan, who was looking at the finished product later, said faintly, ".." The pain of being frozen? Or the struggle to wear shoes? Wu Qiuman: ".." Why do I seem to be abusing my senior sister? This is clearly the pursuit of art! Uh Shu Qiuhua quite agrees with this evaluation. Liu Ruge, in fact, is very thin in the novel. After all, her appearance is all in the memory of the heroine Qiu Lan, who has always acted as a perfect image of white moonlight. Because there are only a few fragments, there is no continuity between them, so it doesn't matter if the plot has no beginning, no end or even BUG. However, after being filmed on TV and shouldering important responsibilities, ceramic welding tape ,ceramic bobbin heater, it can't be like this, so the scriptwriter added a setting to Liu Ruge, turning her into an official lady who loves the art of dancing. However, under the default background of the novel, dancing is considered to be an unrefined skill, and the status of dancers is low, so official ladies like Liu Ruge are naturally not allowed to learn, and they are still devoted to the study. However, Liu Ruge could not restrain her love for dancing, so she was thrown to Zhuangzi by her father at home-which can also explain why Liu Ruge was able to save Qiulan. As for why Liu Ruge met the emperor, the scriptwriter's patch is like this: Liu Ruge's father knew that his daughter was the beauty that the emperor preferred, so he pimped and let the emperor see his daughter. However, he did not expect that the emperor was a sadistic pervert, but also ran into his daughter's inner struggle to continue dancing, in order to vent the pain and show a solo dance. The result was that he lost his wife and lost his army-his daughter was gone, and he didn't get any benefits. In the later period, Qiu Lan, who hated him for selling his daughter, calculated an account mercilessly, which was very miserable. Shu Qiuhua's evaluation of Liu Ruge is that she is a dance artist born at the wrong time, and she has some resonance with this role. Maybe it's because they all love dancing, but for various reasons, they didn't go this way. Liu Ruge is oppressed by the world, while Shu Qiuhua has another reason. She found her own shadow in Liu Ruge. Is this a self-mapping? Perhaps yes, Shu Qiuhua has some nostalgia for this role, which she does not deny. Just like a dance, I feel lost in my heart. After this solo dance, Shu Qiuhua's part in the role of Liu Ruge was completed. The crew has already been on the right track, Shu Qiuhua will not stay more, ready to go home. Of course, before this or need to say goodbye, Shu Qiuhua and familiar people one by one said the past, the last one is the busiest Wu Qiuman. In line with the idea that professionals know more about the situation, Shu Qiuhua also told her about her troubles. Elder Martial Sister, you are in the play. Wu Qiuman made a simple judgment after listening, "and invested too deeply!" Wu Qiu said in his heart that he didn't see that Elder Martial Sister was an experience school! Like Shu Qiuhua's state, it is certainly a good thing for the performance, but it is not a good news for the actors themselves. Are there few actors who make themselves all kinds of bad because they are too immersed in the role these days? Fortunately, looking at Shu Qiuhua's degree is not deep, hurriedly dredge can soon return to normal. After listening to Wu Qiuman's suggestion, Shu Qiuhua said, "Younger martial sister, you don't have to worry too much." I understand. Her smile is gentle, it is not like her usual look, but the residue of a deeper expression of Liu Ruge, see Wu Qiuman a little frightened. Shu Qiuhua herself understood this, and she made a gentle promise to Wu Qiuman,ceramic sandblasting nozzles, saying that she would definitely ease her mood when she went back. Then after returning to the hotel, he told Xie Nianyan that he needed time to talk about these superfluous emotions. Xie Nianyan certainly has no opinion. The goddess of heaven and earth is the biggest. She entered this circle just to see how the goddess became famous all over the world? Everything she does is also around Shu Qiuhua, naturally Shu Qiuhua is the most important. Over-squeezing for the sake of temporary profit is something that only the most undiscerning fool would do. global-ceramics.com

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