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Secret Agent's First Daughter: Wang Ye, Please Only - Item #471642
Category > Art > Drawings
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Price: $133.00   Quantity: 1
Condition: N/A   Location: Deal
Started: Sep 08, 2022 11:05PM EST   Time Left: Expired
Ends: Sep 23, 2022 11:05PM EST   Accessed: 41 times
Seller: FengNi (Rating: NA)
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Unable to allow Shangguan Ruoli to think about Xiao Yunqing's footsteps, he helped Mammy Su out of the room and saw Liu coming out of her bedroom, carrying the stuffed snack plate and walking quickly out of the courtyard. Mammy Su obviously saw it too, and her eyes were as smooth as if she had not seen it. Xiao Yunqing came over with Shangguan Ruoxian, nodded slightly to Mammy Su, and said with a friendly and generous smile, "Mammy Su!"! Why did you come in person? Shangguan Ruoxian smiled gently and saluted: "Mammy Su!" "I don't deserve it!" Mammy Su saluted, "The old slave has seen the general's wife and Miss Shangguan." But his face was still haughty, and he did not look like a slave. Ah! Mammy, don't be so polite. "Xiao Yunqing held Mammy Su's arm and wouldn't let her worship." It was all my fault. I spoiled the child so much that I almost made a big mistake. " "Thank you for your hard work, Mammy Su," said Shangguan Ruoxian softly. Mammy Su looked at the gentle, beautiful and generous Shangguan Ruoxian, and her eyes flashed with satisfaction. Shangguan Ruoli rolled his eyes in boredom and said lazily, "Take your time to talk. Miss Ben has gone back to rest." Said straight double grope forward, almost patted Xiao Yunqing and Shangguan Ruoxian on the face, two people busy dodge to avoid. Shangguan Ruoxian quickly supported her and said softly, "Be careful, sister, help you!" But she grasped Shangguan Ruoli's injured finger. Shangguan Ruoli dodged and said lightly, "I don't have to be supported everywhere in Zhilan Xiaozhu!" "Sister" Shangguan Ruoxian's beautiful eyes were full of tears of grievance, and a hot face stuck to the embarrassment and grievance after the cold buttocks. Xiao Yunqing smiled awkwardly at Mammy Su and said, "If this child has a bad temper,jacuzzi suppliers, it's all my fault. My sister passed away when she was born, and she's blind. I really can't bear it.." "Why don't you know, madam," said Mammy Su with a lukewarm face, "that a loving mother is always a loser? This will only harm the young lady." Take a few steps to catch up with Shangguan Ruoli and remind her, "Young lady, pay attention to the steps under your feet. If you fall in front of the old slave, it's the old slave's fault!" Xiao Yunqing was scolded by Mammy Su euphemistically. Her face was slightly cold, but she immediately put on a smiling face and said,whirlpool bathtub, "It's rare for Mammy Su to be a guest in the house. I've ordered people to clean up the guest house for Mammy and the accompanying maids. Mammy shouldn't dislike vulgarity." Shangguan Ruoli shouted in his heart, "Well, old witch, go to the guest house quickly. Don't get in the way here!"! Chapter 42 madam is thoughtful. "Young lady, it's time to turn!" Mammy Su showed Shangguan Ruoli the way, and then said lightly, "Thank you, madam, but the rules of sitting, lying, walking, eating and sleeping need to be mentioned at any time. The old slave can only wait on the young lady's side." Xiao Yunqing's eyes flashed with disappointment. Then she said with a smile, "That's really a grievance for Mammy Su. Qiuju's maid has to be raised for ten days and a half months. I specially bought four clever maids to serve the eldest lady and you. They're just learning the rules together. In the future, they'll be the dowry maids of the eldest lady. They can't be rude, can they?" Here we go again! Can Mu Xiaoxiao say that she doesn't need a dowry servant girl? Can you say she won't marry King Xuan? "That's very thoughtful, madam, 4 person jacuzzi ,whirlpool hot tub spa," said Mammy Su with a slight smile. Shangguan Ruoli secretly scolded the old witch, holding a chicken feather as an arrow, she retorted at this time that she was not sensible, after all, she did not have a personal servant girl. Xiao Yunqing breathed a sigh of relief and smiled at Shangguan Ruoxian, saying, "Today the mansion has prepared a banquet to welcome Mammy Su. Please don't dislike her." "Madame has spent money, and the old slave is frightened." Mammy Su said in her mouth that she was frightened, but her face was still tense and there was no sense of fear at all. When Shangguan Ruoli entered the room, he sat down at the table and touched the teacup on one side to drink water. Wait! Mammy Su stopped. "Young lady, you can't drink like a farmer." Shangguan Ruoli put the teacup to his mouth, then drank the tea in one breath, put the teacup heavily on the table, leaned lazily on the back of the chair, and said, "What's wrong?"? I'm blind, and I don't know how the farmers drink tea. Mammy Su's face darkened. "Young lady, your sitting posture is too." It's a little informal. ” Xiao Yunqing smiled contemptuously and said softly to Mammy Su, "Mammy, don't worry. Take your time." "Yes," said Shangguan Ruoxian gently and politely, "there's no hurry about this. Mammy Su, let's go to dinner first." Mammy Su looked at Shangguan Ruoli and reminded her, "Miss Shangguan, do you need to change your clothes when you go to dinner?" "No, I'll eat in my own room. What will I change for?" Shangguan Ruoli's expression was light, and his eyes were far away without focus. Su Mammy's eyes were slightly cold, and she looked at Shangguan Ruoli with inquiry. Shangguan Ruoxian laughed and said, "Mammy, my sister's eyes are not good. She doesn't go out easily. Why don't we go and let the kitchen cook some dishes that my sister likes to eat?" Xiao Yunqing sighed helplessly, looking like a little hate iron does not become steel, and a little ashamed of not teaching Shangguan Ruoli well. People who don't know the true virtue of the mother and daughter can really be convinced by their acting skills. "Mammy Su was one of them. She glanced discontentedly at Shangguan Ruoli and said," That's very thoughtful of you, Miss. "" Please, Mammy Su, "said Xiao Yunqing with a gentle smile. Turning to the four maids, he said, "You should take good care of the young ladies. If you make a mistake, I'll ask you." "Yes!" The four maids saluted respectfully. When they left, there were only Shangguan Ruoli and four maids in the room. Shangguan Ruoli put it on the wooden box with the dowry, knocking it again and again, with an expressionless face. The four servant girls were a little timid for no reason. They looked at each other with trepidation and looked at each other helplessly. Finally a bolder servant girl pulled the servant girl beside her and saluted: "The maidservant paid his respects to the eldest young lady." The other maids also saluted, saying, "In the future, the maidservant will serve the young lady." "Shangguan Ruozi heart sneer, they are just perfunctory blessing body, did not kneel down at all." Well, what are your names? What will you do? "?" "Jinlian, the maidservant," said the servant girl who had come out first, "will collect accounts and settle accounts." "Maidservant jade bottle, born in business,jacuzzi bathtub manufacturers, knows how to do business." "Chunmei, a maidservant, was born in a peasant household and knows some farming knowledge." ? monalisa.com

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