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Dressed as the president's ex-girlfriend. - Item #471625
Category > Antiques > Antiquities
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Started: Sep 08, 2022 10:10PM EST   Time Left: Expired
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In the past he looked at Chu Yixuan, beauty in the skin, not in the bone, not in the spirit ~ ~ ~ rhyme. Beauty is beauty, beauty has no charm, always lost some flavor, and between those peerless beauties, there is always something missing. However, at this time, the beauty on the screen deserves to be the first beauty in the world that makes a generation of emperors love beauty instead of rivers and mountains. Originally a fan of literary films, he had little interest in such purely commercial films, especially those with vases inserted purely for box office, but at this time he began to look forward to the next performance. Chapter 123 Chapter 123 Hong Ying's pen name strayed into the world. He was born in a scholarly family. He loved reading and watching movies since he was a child. He began to have a great passion for writing in junior high school. But he did not write traditional literature, but wrote about watching movies. During his four years in college, he watched countless movies and wrote many film reviews. He was very popular in the circle of film critics. The reason why he is so famous is not that he has won any awards in his professional computer field, or that he has become a mysterious hacker, but that in his sophomore year, because a literary film with low popularity was ridiculed by many critics on the Internet, he felt that the literary film was well made, so he became famous on the Internet. Just after the female protagonist Linglong came on stage, the picture gave Xie Yingdi a close-up, during which the male protagonist Zhao Yu's mood rolled in his eyes, and then the picture flashed, in a small forest, the red shadow flashed, revealing the female protagonist's slightly childish and pure face, as well as her clear eyes like a stream and her carefree smile. Accompanied by a burst of clear laughter, a young man who practiced martial arts and wielded a sword under the tree appeared in front of everyone. Young heroic, eyebrows and eyes are countless young arrogance and sharp, as if there is nothing he fears in the world, confident,push back racking system, magnanimous and open. Then on the big screen, the nameless sleeve was thrown, revealing the nameless face, full of charm and charm. She danced gracefully, but she no longer had the pure and charming beauty in the picture recalled by the man just now. The picture once again fell on the man's body, he lowered his eyelids and did not look at the woman, but his fingers holding the wine bottle were pinched white, as if the next moment he could pinch the wine bottle into pieces. But the emperor sitting at the top looked at the beauty dancing below with a bewitching face. At this time, the beauty had finished the last movement. She slowly looked up, and a pair of seductive eyes showed a seductive smile to the emperor at the top. This shot is a close-up. Show the beauty of the nameless incisively and vividly. Viewers seemed to feel that the heroine was smiling at them. Her eyes were indescribable. They were seductive and somewhat innocent, as if they were shining. The dark and thick colors in the film seemed to be illuminated by her eyes. Their hearts thumped, and they wanted to look at it carefully again. The picture passed, and the beauty walked slowly step by step to the emperor. I saw the nameless just now, and it doesn't seem to be as dazzling as in the movie. Shi Tao said to the people around him. The friend beside him recalled what he had just seen in the distance: "In reality, she was in a state of'closing ', not so sharp-edged." As soon as he said this, metal racking systems ,metal racking systems, Shi Tao next to him found that the nameless person in the film was in a state of'release ', bringing his appearance into full play in a way of full opening. In addition, director Zhang Zhiping is very good at dealing with light, shadow and color, which creates a kind of gorgeous beauty on the screen. The beauty is sharp and aggressive. Especially when the heroine walked to the emperor's side and toasted the emperor, she looked back at Zhao Yu, the hero, and her eyes were full of drama, which made people's blood boil, and the tension of the whole plot came out at once. Hong Ying also followed the excitement, originally he had no expectations for the nameless, came to see the movie, purely received the premiere invitation from the crew, today is a holiday, he has nothing to do, he himself is a movie lover, just ran to see the premiere. A pure film lover like him is extremely disgusted with the fact that the purpose of the film itself is not to make a good film, but to make a female artist popular. However Nameless seems to be very popular. The movie continues, after which it is mainly about men's drama, Machiavellian, war, turbulent and soul-stirring, showing the male protagonist Zhao Yu's ambition for power incisively and vividly, and watching the audience cry out. This is not a man who is true, good and beautiful in the traditional sense. He was so ambitious that he used his fiancee, who was occupied by the emperor, to steal the tiger amulet. But the fatuous and weak emperor is not a villain in the traditional sense. He does not love rivers and mountains and loves beauties. He can pour out all the deep feelings for her, which makes people deeply moved. The woman is nameless, seductive and bitter in the palace, sad and sad when she discovers the true face of the man, and desperate and sad when she jumps off the wall. She fell down the wall with her head up. She was not dead when she just fell down. Blood flowed out of her pale and beautiful lips. She opened her eyes and looked at the sky emptily. Blood flowed slowly under her body and merged with her red dress. This is a close-up shot, under the lens, the eyes are as clear and beautiful as glass. Soon the lens is moving from near to far. Director Zhang Zhiping simply played the color of the picture to the extreme. On the vast land, the distance is a dark piece of thousands of horses, dark walls, yellow sand all over the sky, only a touch of red between heaven and earth. At this time, the movie theme song "Love of My Life", which was sung by Gu Yi and Chu Chaoyang, was playing on the big screen. This song has already been popular all over the country. Many people have bought its single EP and listened to it. Even major shopping malls and radio stations play this song in a loop every day. But because the rhythm and lyrics of this song do not belong to the lively, catchy type, and even some of the lyrics of girls are vague, it seems that what they like is not the lyrics, but the song, leading to people to this song, most of them can only hum, but not the lyrics. The degree of appreciation of this song is not as good as "love rivers and mountains, love beauty more". However, at this time, the familiar music sounded in my ears, the familiar melody sounded,asrs warehouse, and unconsciously, I gently wiped my cheeks, and my hands were already wet. kingmoreracking.com

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