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ultrasonic sonochemistry machine - Item #464101
Category > Real Estate > New Jersey > Monmouth County > Belmar
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Price: $34,534.00   Quantity: 345
Condition: N/A   Location: fg
Started: Jun 15, 2022 02:00AM EST   Time Left: Expired
Ends: Jun 30, 2022 02:00AM EST   Accessed: 41 times
Seller: CarmenCook (Rating: NA)
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Ultrasound has been widely known and used now in so many areas, the rise of ultrasonic brought a lot of convenience to people, people's life has been strongly linked with ultrasonic, imagine if humans lost ultrasonic, there will be what the human world.
Ultrasound and ultrasound in English. As the name suggests, ultrasonic sonochemistry machine it is more than one frequency ears to hear the highest threshold (20 KHZ) of sound waves. The human ear can hear the sound wave frequency of 20 hz to 20 KHZ. Less than 20 hz waves are called sound (Infrasound). Ultrasonic wave directional well, reflective ability is strong, easy to get the sound energy is relatively concentrated, propagation distance, cosco than air in the water, can be spread in a metal for several meters. Can be used in the range, speed, cleaning, welding, gravel, sterilization, etc. In medicine, military, industry, agriculture, there are a lot of applications.
Reversing radar: when reversing, the use of ultrasonic principle, by the device on the rear bumper sensor (transducer) send ultrasonic reflection form echo after hitting obstacles, probe after accepting echo calculate the bodywork and the actual distance between the obstacles.
Transducer is an important device in SONAR (SONAR), sound ultrasonic cutting machine energy and mechanical energy and electric energy, magnetic energy transformation of the device. Has two purposes: it is launch underwater sound waves, known as the "transmitting transducer", equivalent to the speaker in the air (commonly known as the "receiver"); 2 it is to receive underwater sound waves, known as the "receiving transducer", equivalent to the microphone in the air (commonly known as the "receiver"). Transducer in the actual use is often used to transmit and receive sound waves at the same time, dedicated to receive sound wave transducer is also known as "hydrophone.
The application of ultrasonic, there are many far more than ultrasonic dispersion machine in the two, if humans lost ultrasound, first of all, can think of is reverse and return the original "rearview mirror" era, for part of the driver that will be a "nightmare". The sea is a mysterious and powerful, ultrasonic assisted human exploration of the ocean, if have no it, perhaps the human can't into the deeper ocean exploration, also cannot understand the secret of the sea!

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