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Protect yourself from fraud
15-Jul-2005 12:00AM EST


Classifieds Live! offers members the ability to sell items with no commission costs or fees. While we would like to think that all sellers on the site are trustworthy, this is not always the case. Please keep in mind the following rules when inquiring about items that are listed on our site. These rules should also be followed even when using other Internet auction or classified sites.

**** Do not use Western Union/Bid Pay or MoneyGram as a payment option. ****
While these company's may be reputable, there is no method of tracking down the seller after payment is made. Many individuals that commit fraud request money be sent this way. This enables the person committing the fraud to receive the money and never deliver the goods. Western Union does not collect enough personal information of people using their service, which allows an easy method for people to commit fraud.

Here is a link for more information regarding this issue:

**** Fake Escrow Services. ****
Beware of bogus online escrow services that simply pocket your money and disappear. Sometimes they operate in connection with fraudulent sellers. In other cases both the buyer and seller may be victimized by bogus escrow services. Because of this, Classifieds Live! only recommends the use of escrow.com.

Here are two links with more information regarding this issue:

**** Do not send cash ****
We would like to think that people would realize the risks of sending cash as payment, but it does happen. Do not do it.

**** UPS Shipping Confirmation ****
UPS is a great service to ship and receive goods. However, individuals can create a tracking number without sending the item or even providing valid personal information to UPS! When checking a tracking number, understand there are various status's to consider. If the shipping status states, 'Billing Information Received', it does not mean the item was shipped by the seller! Most of the time, the seller requires that a payment is made prior to the item being shipped. But having a better understanding of each status can help ensure a smoother purchase.

**** What to do if you suspect fraud ****
We take fraud very seriously and will do our best to keep these types of people from using our service. Please contact us at support@classifiedslive.com with the seller's member name and any other information that would assist us in determining the seller is committing fraudulent acts. Their membership will be terminated and their personal information will be disclosed if requested by the authorities.

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